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Alicia Cibola is an American soul, blues and pop singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas Her songwriting is strongly influenced by her own life experience. She grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, where she sang in the church choir and participated in school musical productions. She made her first choral experiences at the age of seven and from then on she always sang. Various school programs awakened her love and respect for the performing arts. At Lafayette High School, she played leading roles in numerous musical productions and choral productions. In high school, she was appointed co-president of the school choir and participated in the demanding theater program of the school's own Arts Academy. In 2009 she was finally honored with the 'Outstanding Senior Musician Award' as the best musician of the year and won a soloist award at the 'Southern Invitational Choral Conference'; a national competition of the University of Southern Mississippi.


In 2014, Alicia began recording and performing her own music. She has performed live with blues musician and Grammy winner Tony Goulas. Alicia Cibola released her second single and music video 'Roadrunner' in May 2021. The song was recorded in Hanover and the music video was shot in Hanover. Her musical style can be described as a mixture of soul, blues and pop, inspired by Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner, among others.


Two years ago Alicia started her band with only two members, meanwhile the band has grown to 11 members. Alicia began performing with a guitarist in Hanover at the Maschsee to bring entertainment and hope to people during the lockdown in the pandemic. She now plays with her band on festival stages, in live streams and at cultural events throughout Germany. She has also played at charity events, for example for the "Freundeskreis Hannover", to make a contribution to the local community. Their music is inspiring, fun and the band brings joy and "good vibes" to every concert.


In October 2021, Alicia released "Heart and Soul", her first EP. In 2022, she was awarded the Telegen Award for her performances at Atelier Lichtenstein Kulturestream. She is currently recording new music in Hanover and plans to release another single before the end of the year.

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